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Myanmar Shopping Tips
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Myanmar Shopping Tips

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Myanmar Shopping Tips

Shopping in Myanmar is a pleasant thing.
What to shop
It is a popular buy that can be made into the forms of cups, bowl and vases. Bagan is a good place to shop beautiful lacquerware with great price and variation. Be noted that genuine items are engraved with natural colors of sand, stone and flowers, and vice versa.

Rubies and gemstones
Myanmar is a great miner of precious stones, so don’t be surprised if you find cheap jade, rubies and other gems. The finest rubies are mostly available in Yangon. Be aware of fake stones sold by street vendors.

Folk dolls, coconut mask, leather bags, wood carvings… are likely common souvenirs in Myanmar. The traditional skill makes these remarkable items to buy. Others

Embroidered Tapestries in Mandalay, gold leaves

Tips for shopping
  • The real old Buddha images, statues and archaeological artifacts are not allowed to bring out of the country
  • An authority controlling trade standard doesn’t exist in Myanmar, thus carefully check the goods you buy
  • Nyaung U market in Bagan is a bustling center to buy things from daily fresh goods to custom longyi. It’s also an ideal place to mingle with locals and learn about their lifestyle
  • The floating village on Inle Lake has some unique souvenirs that are quite ‘Myanmar’
  • The Bogyoke Aung San Market in Yangon is the real, fun and easy place for shopping, great bargains can be made here
  • Official certificate of jewel is needed when passing the customs
  • Most Myanmar markets are open on Sundays and closed on Mondays. During Buddhist Lent Festival, all markets are closed on full-moon days.
  • Ask your tour guide if you need more specific ideas about shopping in Myanmar
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