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Myanmar Food and Drink
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Myanmar Food and Drink

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Myanmar Food and Drink

Myanmar is a diverse country in term of cuisines which has been contributed to by more than 100 local ethnic minorities. Burmese cuisine is characterized by extensive use of fish products like fish sauce and ngapi and has been influenced by Chinese, India and Thai cuisines.
Mohinga is the traditional breakfast dish and is Myanmar’s national dish. Seafood is popular in coastal cities while meat and poultry are more commonly used in landlocked cities like Mandalay. Freshwater fish and shrimp have been taken in inland cooking as a main source of protein and are used in many ways, fresh, filleted, salted…

Food in Myanmar also includes a variety of salads (a thoke) centered on one major ingredient, ranging from starches like rice, wheat to potato, ginger… These salads have always popular as fast food in large cities. A popular Burmese rhyme sums up the traditional favorites: "A thee ma, thayet; a thar ma, wet; a ywet ma, lahpet", translated as "Of all the fruit, the mango's the best; of all the meat, the pork's the best; and of all the leaves, lahpet's the best".

Myanmar food is traditionally eaten with steamed rice using either fingers or spoon and fork. In the countryside, people will eat in family style: siting on the floor and sharing dishes. A typical meal often consists of curries, steamed rice, pickles or salads, fish paste. Make sure to try food of different ethnic groups of Shan, Rakhine people or the mixed ones with Chinese, Indian or Thai flavors.

Tea is a popular drink and plays an integral part in the Burmese life. A tea shop can be found in almost every street which simply has low tables and chairs spilling out onto the pavement. Tea is served with sugar and condensed milk and some cakes. Coffee is not common but is becoming increasingly popular. Beer, rum, whisky and gin are also available.
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