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How are you different from other tour providing companies?
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How are you different from other tour providing companies?

The company

How are you different from other tour providing companies?

Being customer driven: we have been customer-driven, and have spent time and energy in understanding and responding to the market. Our philosophy is that the customer comes first and all company policies are formulated with customer service.

Brand name strength in the local market, 365 Travel is a well-recognized company with steady growth, a prestige reputation, high quality services suppliers and a strong client portfolio. We serve over 100 high-profile wholesale travel agencies across Asia, America, Africa and Europe and handling an annual volume of about 12,000 international tourists. Our strengths come not only from competitive pricing but also from a team of skilled and dedicated people and a solid supply chain of multiple professional service providers across Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Despite being a fast-growing company with an exceptional 7-year track record of success, we never settle with complacence but instead constantly make efforts to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. We design and operate a wide variety of tours including FIT, GIT, MICE, incentive and large-scale charter. One of our family tour packages was in fact nominated by the National Geographic Travel Magazine as one of the Tours of a Lifetime in 2011.

Financial situation: the operational and financial situation of the company is stable. We gain local supplier credibility and support. 365 Travel is recognized as one of few tour operators has good deals and relationship with hoteliers. The evidence is that we’re the second DMC buy beach resorts in Phan Thiet nowadays. - Investing in staff development; we focus on training staffs to standardize and professionalize their performance. We ensure our employees can offer a pleasant experience for the customers at every step. Through the consistent culture of company is that "treat the people the way you want to be treated", our staffs always do the right things to others.

Continuously improving processes: our major difference from other tour operators might be that we apply renovation and adaptation to transform the entire organization to focus on the customer. We create closed-loop learning and action process and build them into our daily operation. It means we receive customer feedback daily, if it is bad comment we share it throughout the organization for people to take action, respond to customer immediately to make them happy again. We committed “No complain” at all. On the other hand, many companies have customer feedback form for analysis only or just a way to measure customer satisfaction we use it every day to adjust our service that ensure we are WOWING our customers.

Improving profitability: Our final goal is to earn the loyalty of customers, employees and stakeholder because we believe loyalty is the key to profitable growth.