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Faq On vietnam

How are you different from other tour providing companies?

Are your tours kid friendly?

What happens if it rains before/during our tour?

I am a solo traveler? Can I still book your tours?

Do you offer pickup/drop-off service at my hotel/apartment/condo or the airport?

I am arriving by cruise ship. Can you pick me up at the port?

Can you tell me more about travel insurance?

How do I identify your driver at the airport?

How are you different from other tour providing companies?

What kind of cars do you use?

How many offices and representatives does 365 travel have at the moment?

Why do you put the name 365 travel?

Is there anything I should not wear or bring when I go on a tour?

How do I get visa into Vietnam?

If I got sick during the tour, can I get refund on the service or activities which I did not participate in?

What is your cancellation policy?

I have confirmed my order with you and agreed to pay the cost by submitting my credit card to you, but I noticed that my credit card has not been billed for the deposit as we have agreed. Is this the correct procedure?

What guarantee do we have if we send our money to your bank by wire transfer?

What is your bank account?

Does your quotation include the international flight?

I emailed you / booked a tour over 24 hours ago. Why did I not receive a reply?

Do I need to put down a deposit/prepay to book a tour?

Can I book a tour if I don’t have a hotel yet?

How far ahead of time do I need to book a tour?

What payment methods do you accept?