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Animal Welfare Policy
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Animal Welfare Policy

One of our responsible travel policies is protect the animal welfare. We recognize the importance of animal welfare in the tourism industry and believe it is an essential part of our commitment to responsible travel practices. While animal attractions and experiences can offer travelers the educational opportunity about different animal species, and bring economic benefits to the local community and the place of conservation, we understand our responsibility in this area by limit the negative impacts that may have on the animals such as exhibiting and offering interaction with them, or seeing them in the nature. These activities must support the conservation efforts and strict animal welfare standards in order to offer a positive experience for all, including the animal. We oppose and discourage practices that are illegal and those have negative effect on animal protection and welfare.

Many of our trips include real experiences in which travelers can observe or interact with the wildlife animal. These excursions is taken either in national parks or nature reserves where the biodiversity of fauna and flora are protected from poaching and hunting or at dedicated conservation centers that aim to protect and rehabilitate endangered animals for release back into the nature.

Therefore, we carefully select local suppliers who share our commitment to protect the animal as well as its environment. We commit to provide the best possible support with guidelines to our suppliers for animal protection. We also expect our customers to follow the guidelines when visiting national parks or nature reserves with delicate natural environments and when interacting with wildlife animal.
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