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Responsible Travel Policy
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Responsible Travel Policy

Responsible Travel Policy

Being a responsible travel company is at the heart of what 365 Travel is all about. From the beginning, we have committed to offer low-impact trips that benefit travelers, the local and the destination as well. We work with local communities, businesses and individuals to develop sustainable tourism opportunities that help local economies while minimizing negative impacts on the environment, culture and society of the destination.

We care for the environment
In our tours, 365 Travel aims to limit the negative impacts on the environment by reducing, minimizing and preventing pollution and wastes. We commit to conserve plants, animal, ecosystems and protected areas.

When on tour, we preserve and protect the local ecosystem, wildlife and natural habitats by strictly following rules that minimize the effects of our presence in the area. We also try to reduce waste and pollution, perform the 5 R’s (Reuse, Recycle, Renew, Reduce and Respect) what and when possible, both on tour and at our offices.

We support the local community
We always ensure that local communities would benefit from our business by using locally-owned accommodation, local products and local labors. We build a longstanding relationship with local operators and suppliers for food, drink…. By this, we hope to help the local economies while ensuring our travelers an authentic insight into the destination and its people.

We reduce carbon emission
We ensure our tours have a minimal effect on the natural environment by encouraging travelers use public transports where and when possible. On-tour transfer, we use emission-compliant vehicles, which mean that the manufacturers comfort to strict emission control standards in order to make the vehicle’s engines run more cleanly and efficiently.

We promote animal welfare
In many tours, we often include opportunities for visitors to view local wildlife in national parks or nature reserves. Whilst these excursions can benefit both the animals and the local people who depend on them for a living, they need to adhere to strict animal welfare standards to ensure that the animals aren't exploited.

We commit to equal opportunities at work place
There is no discrimination of any kind at any level at our workplace. Employment decisions are merely made on quality and qualifications, not based on gender; age, race; origin; sexual orientation; marital and parental status or any other form of distinction.
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