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Thailand Food and Drinks
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Thailand Food and Drinks

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Thailand Food and Drinks

Thailand boasts not only one of the finest cuisines in the world but also a wide selection of restaurants serving authentic Italian, Japanese, Middle Eastern and food worldwide.
While Thai food is famous for its spicy, it is actually based on the balance of five fundamental tastes of sweet, spicy, sour, bitter and salty. Rice is the main diet for Thais, eaten with most meal from breakfast to dessert. Most Thai dishes are stir fried or grilled and served with rice. Noodle dishes are also quite popular. The Thai share meals and eat family style.

Thai food is different from the place to place which it is originated. Each of region has its own style and responsible for dishes that are quite different from those in other regions. Dishes in the northeastern area share many similarities with cuisine from neighboring Laos, though the Thai versions of these dishes are spicier. Southern curries on the other hand, are less spicy, with a greater Malaysian influence, and feature more coconut and turmeric. Thailand’s beaches are the prime destinations to sample the best Thai seafood dishes.
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