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Laos Shopping Tips
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Laos Shopping Tips

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Laos Shopping Tips

Vientiane and Luang Prabang are the main shopping centers. However, it is good if you can buy Lao products and souvenirs directly from the locals and in many traditional handicraft villages. There is a total ban on the export of antiques and Buddha images from Laos.

Bargaining in most places in Laos is not aggressive as in other regions of Southeast Asia. Good bargaining will help to cut cost. In general, Lao people are gentle and very scrupulous in their bargaining practices. The really important point is trying to get a fair price that both buyer and vender end up happy. In a country as cheap as Laos, it’s just not worth to get angry in a deal.

Several items for shopping

Carvings: Laos is noted for its well-crafted wood, bone and stone, from Hindu or Buddhist mythology to themes from daily life.

Fabric: textiles are among the finest, most recognizable and most popular items to buy while you’re in Laos. Silk and cotton fabrics are woven in many different styles vary from region to region and from ethnicity of the weavers.

Jewelry: god and silver jewelry are good buys here though you may search hard for well-made products.
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