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Laos Food and Drinks
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Laos Food and Drinks

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Laos Food and Drinks

Lao food are often overwhelmed by the more famous cuisines of neighboring Thailand and Vietnam, however, you can eat well in Laos if you take time to dig deeper and learn about the cuisine while you’re here. The result may be very rewarding.

Though Lao food has something similar to Thai’s due to a long shared history, some aspects of its culinary are distinctive. The most obvious one is sticky rice which is eaten by hand and ever-present in almost every meal. In fact, the Lao eat more sticky rice than any other people in the world. It is considered the essence of what it means to be Lao, one of the main identifiers of Lao culture

The most famous Lao dish is larb, a spicy mixture of marinated meat or fish that is sometimes raw (prepared like ceviche) with a variable combination of herbs, greens, and spices. Another Lao delectable invention is a spicy green papaya salad dish known as tam mak hoong or more famously known to the West as som tam.

Lao cuisine varies from region to region, corresponding in part to the fresh foods local to each region. A French legacy is still evident in the capital city, Vientiane, where baguettes are sold on the street and French restaurants are common and popular, which were first introduced when Laos was a part of French Indochina.

Lao coffee is called Pakxong coffee grown on the Bolovens Plateau around the town of Pakxong. There are two popular types of traditional alcoholic beverages, both produced from rice: lao hai and lao lao. Lao hai means jar alcohol and is served from an earthen jar. It is communally and competitively drunk through straws at festive occasions. Lao lao or Lao alcohol is more like a whiskey.

The Beer Laos has become more famous in Laos and is highly regarded by both locals and travelers alike.
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